The Film

All God’s Children is a film that celebrates the rich contribution peoples of African descent made in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints—historically and currently. The film will foster a wider understanding of race relations and encourage trust, friendship, and love between all cultures. Framed around the life experiences of Ed and Wanda Willis, two former Black Panthers-turned-Mormons, this docudrama not only seeks to uplift, but also deals straightforwardly, in an environment of faith, with the origins and ramifications of the priesthood restrictions on peoples of African descent. It will help move people beyond misconceptions that have been a stumbling block for many. This fascinating film will entertain and inspire with high dramatic value and thrilling musical performances by top musicians of African descent, such as Kevin Olusola, of the internationally acclaimed group Pentatonix. 

This film about unshakable faith will move untold people to understand more completely how the gospel blesses lives and how it boldly reveals that the quintessential love of Jesus Christ can  surpass all obstacles.